grape crazy


I really don’t like the word ‘winemaker’, but that’s what most people expect my title to be. I never attended an enology class anywhere. I didn’t apprentice under any famous vigneron or winemaker. I learned how to make wine by visiting lots of different wine regions, asking questions, tasting a lot, tasting more, reading, exploring wine styles, and working alongside some really creative and committed chefs here in Portland, Oregon. Like most wine people, I was a novice first, having been blown away by a simple glass of Sylvaner while in Lyon, France. Cliché, I know. I have worked nearly every job you could think of in the wine world, some paid gigs, mostly not paid, all because of grapes. The things we do for love. I make more than just this Müller-Thurgau, but this site is dedicated to just this one wine. If this is one of first of my wines you’ve found interest in, thank you! If you’ve had my wine already and you want more, thank you for your support. If you’re interested in other wines that I make, my apologies, you’re about to head down a rabbit hole.